DEM Encourages Counties to Engage in Public Assistance Discussions


DEM Encourages Counties to Engage in Public Assistance Discussions

The Florida Division of Emergency Management (DEM) today reaffirmed its commitment to holding public meetings with local stakeholders in support of the Public Assistance (PA) application process. Counties are encouraged to work with their affected cities, municipalities, partners and constituents in order to identify any unmet needs and coordinate with Division staff. DEM stands ready to work with our local partners and schedule meetings with the specific intent of addressing any outstanding questions or concerns associated with the federal PA process. Project status with FEMA, pending requests for information or general guidance in providing correct documentation are all potential topics for discussion. 

“We have made incredible progress since last year’s storms in ensuring Floridians receive these critical FEMA reimbursements as quickly and with as much financial security as possible,” said Division Director Wes Maul. “We understand that it can be incredibly challenging for communities that have just been devastated by a hurricane to navigate this complex federal process. We look forward to working with our local partners to ensure they quickly and successfully receive the funding that they deserve while avoiding any potential vulnerability to federal deobligations.”

Over the past year, DEM has participated in public meetings to discuss the PA process and also made Recovery Bureau staff available at numerous public, private, industry and outreach events across Florida. These interactions have proven extremely valuable in addressing the needs and concerns of communities that have been impacted by recent storms and are now engaged in the reimbursement process for hurricane response and recovery costs. The Division looks forward to continuing this important dialogue through further targeted and effective discussion.

Interested county partners should reach out directly to DEM Legislative Affairs Director Angela Bonds at or (850) 815-4128.  

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Updated: Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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