The Operations Section monitors day to day incidents, activities, and events within the State of Florida that could require a State response, as well as ensures the operational readiness of the State Emergency Operations Center. This is done during normal operations through the State Watch Office. When the State Emergency Response Team is activated for an event, the Operations Section oversees the Emergency Services, Human Services, Infrastructure, Operations Support, and Air Operations Branches. The Operations Section also coordinates the state’s All-Hazard Incident Management Teams Programs.

Ashley Davis
Chief of Response

Amy Godsey
State Meteorologist
State Watch Officer

Sam Walters
Deputy Chief of Operations
State Watch Officer

Axel Runtschke
Deputy Chief of Operations
State Watch Officer

Taylor Cheney
Operations Duty Officer

Justin Lazzara
Operations Duty Officer

Ian Guidicelli
All-Hazards Incident Management Teams Coordinator

State Watch Office Reportable Incidents List

The State Watch Office is the situational awareness hub for all hazards impacting the State of Florida. As Florida’s warning point, it is the function of the State Emergency Operations Center that is always activated and staffed, 24/7. Monitoring media and communicating with Florida’s counties and stage agencies, the State Watch Office provides coordinated information sharing to ensure that the State Emergency Response Team is aware of any on-going or developing situations.

The State Watch Office monitors all hazards that impact, or have the potential to impact the residents of Florida.

  • Severe weather systems and damages
  • Wildfires
  • Sinkholes
  • Hazardous Material and Wastewater Releases
  • Suspicious Activity
  • Nuclear Power Plant Incidents
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Public Health and Animal Issues
  • Incidents effecting critical infrastructure and transportation networks
  • Incidents requiring emergency management assistance

Contact Us

To reach the State Watch Office, please call

  • 1-800-320-0519
  • 850-815-4001

The Meteorology Unit provides around the clock updates to the Division of Emergency Management and partners regarding weather and meteorological information. Collocated within Florida’s State Watch Office, the meteorology provides Operation’s staff with expertise and guidance on the hazards posed by current conditions. Going beyond just severe weather, this includes critical situational awareness, such as wind speed and direction during wildfire and events that can effect operational safety.

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The All-Hazards Incident Management Team (AHIMT) serves as the forward coordinating element for the State Emergency Response Team (SERT) and the State Coordinating Officer (SCO).  AHIMTs do not typically assume operational control of an incident; however, they provide situational awareness and operational planning to the SERT and the SCO by incorporating information collected from the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC), County EOCs, local agencies. The AHIMT will assist in the coordination of necessary logistical support to the SCO and SERT for forward deployment.

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All Hazards IMTs Locations Florida


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All-Hazards Incident Management Team

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