Training and Exercise

The Training and Exercise Unit coordinates the delivery of courses in the field for primarily county and first responders. The Training and Exercise Unit serves the training and exercise needs of Division staff and members of the State Emergency Response Team (SERT), which includes representatives of the state agencies and other organizations that staff the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC).


  • SERT TRAC  - State Emergency Response Team Training Resources and Activity Center is the statewide emergency management learning management system
  • Visit to browse a calendar for upcoming training opportunities
  • Create a profile to apply for courses and manage your emergency management training experience


State Training and Exercise Officer – Linda McWhorter
Office #: (850) 815-4301

Training & Education Specialist – Lyle Briggs
Regions 1 & 2 Training Coordinator
Office #: (850) 815-4363

Training & Education Specialist – Annmarie Insalaco
State Exercise Coordinator
Regions 3 & 5 Training Coordinator
Office #: (850) 815-4309

Training & Exercise Specialist Ivy Baker
Homeland Security Training Coordinator 
Region 4 & 7 Training Coordinator
Office #: (850) 815-4306

Training & Exercise Specialist – Richard Knowles
Recovery Training Coordinator
Region 6 Training Coordinator
Office #: (850) 815-4307

Training & Exercise Specialist – Mindy Dowling
DHS Training Coordinator
Advanced Professional Series (APS) Requests
Office#: (850) 815-4302

Training & Education Specialist – Akeala Flanigan
SERT Trac Administrator 
Office #: (850) 815-4310

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