Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)

Local CEMP Criteria

In accordance with 27P-6.0023, Florida Administrative Code, County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans and County Emergency Management Programs shall comply with these criteria. These criteria shall be used in the development and review of County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans and Programs.

Local Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan Compliance Criteria (CEMP-001)

Emergency Management Capabilities Assessment Checklist (CEMP-002)


Florida law establishes the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan as the master operations document for the State of Florida and it is the framework through which the state handles emergencies and disasters.  It defines the responsibilities of the government, private, volunteer and non-governmental organizations that comprise the State Emergency Response Team (SERT).  The document consists of a Basic Plan, which describes the process for preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation activities of the SERT.  It also contains an annex for the 18 Emergency Support Functions (ESFs), the primary mechanisms for providing assistance at the state level. The CEMP ensures that all levels of government are able to mobilize as a unified emergency organization to safeguard the well-being of the states residents and visitors.  It is the plan to which the State of Florida’s other disaster response plans are aligned.

The Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) has been updated for 2020.  In accordance with Florida Statutes, the plan has been submitted to the Joint Administrative Procedures Committee.

Preliminary Draft 2020 State of Florida Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

Basic Plan

2014 State of Florida Comprehensive Emergency Management Basic Plan

Emergency Support Function Annex

Appendix I - Emergency Support Function 1 - Transportation
Appendix II - Emergency Support Function 2 - Communications
Appendix III - Emergency Support Function 3 - Public Works and Engineering
Appendix IV - Emergency Support Function 4 - Firefighting
Appendix V - Emergency Support Function 5 - Information and Planning
Appendix VI - Emergency Support Function 6 - Mass Care
Appendix VII - Emergency Support Function 7 - Resource Management
Appendix VIII - Emergency Support Function 8 - Health and Medical Services
Appendix IX - Emergency Support Function 9 - Search and Rescue
Appendix X - Emergency Support Function 10 - Environmental Protection
Appendix XI - Emergency Support Function 11 - Food and Water
Appendix XII - Emergency Support Function 12 - Energy
Appendix XIII - Emergency Support Function 13 - Military Support
Appendix XIV - Emergency Support Function 14 - External Affairs - Public Information
Appendix XV - Emergency Support Function 15 - Volunteers and Donations
Appendix XVI - Emergency Support Function 16 - Law Enforcement and Security
Appendix XVII - Emergency Support Function 17 - Animal and Agricultural Services
Appendix XVIII - Emergency Support Function 18 - Business, Industry and Economic Stabilization

Hazard Specific Annexes

Terrorist Incident Response Annex
Emergency Response Team Annex for Wildfire Operations
Biological Incident Annex
Emergency Repatriation Annex
Tropical and Non-Tropical Severe Weather Annex
Emergency Response Team Mass Migration Annex
Radiological Emergency Management Plan
Food Emergency Response Plan

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