Mitigate FL

The Mitigate FL group combines several interagency statewide mitigation efforts (Natural Hazards Interagency Workgroup, SHMPAT, and Silver Jackets) into one group to avoid duplication of efforts and to ensure the groups are comprehensive and effective. 

Laura Waterman
(850) 815-4512 

In 2017, a new statute went into effect requiring a Natural Hazards Interagency Workgroup and annual reports from FDEM to the Legislature. A memo was sent to all agencies that are required to participate and can be viewed below.

The FDEM workgroup coordinator will prepare annual reports regarding the implementation of the State Hazard Mitigation Plan. The reports will:

  • Assess the relevance, level, and significance of current agency efforts to address the impacts of natural hazards; and
  • Strategize and prioritize ongoing efforts to address the impacts of natural hazards.

Each liaison will be responsible for posting the annual reports to their respective agency website. The first report will be due January 1, 2019 and each year thereafter.

The statute is available for review here:

This group was created to help FDEM review and update the State Hazard Mitigation Plan and to ensure all agencies and stakeholders were a part of the statewide mitigation planning process. Mitigate FL will now be the group to assist with reviewing, updating, and providing technical assistance regarding the State Hazard Mitigation Plan.  

Silver Jackets is a group of state and federal agencies working together to leverage each other’s resources to reduce flood risk and complete other mitigation projects. Silver Jackets efforts will now be conducted within the Mitigate FL group and meetings. 

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