Case Study #4 Frances and Jeanne are no match for a Legacy

Property Location:
Legacy Condo
Delray Beach, Florida


(above) Resident showing retro mounted angle metal used to correct the shutter alignment by original installer.

(above) Alternate shutter deployment.

(above)Typical deployment of shutters.


Property Type:
Hurricane Impact :
Hurricanes Frances & Jeanne
Storm Mitigation Product in Place:
Shutters (corrugated metal)
Summary of Damage/Mitigation:
No damage.
Relative Damage of Abutters :
Condo complex is isolated with no close abutters.
Observations of Note :

The shutters were very effective at protecting windows and apparently they are an inexpensive option. They are unwieldy given their size and exposed surface according to some residents who mentioned that it can cost as much as $350 to have them installed on a modest two story Legacy condo, if one could even find someone to do it during the pre-storm panic period. Many residents had not removed their shutters weeks after the storm because they could not find help to do so or because they were concerned about the possibility of yet another major storm.

It was observed that when the shutters are installed, the interior condo space is almost completely without daylight, a serious drawback if the unit is also without electricity. Providing good interior ventilation in the absence of electrical fans or air conditioning is another challenge.

One resident complained of incorrectly positioned mounting screws which made shutter deployment more difficult. Another observation was that condo owners short of shutters tend to install them in unorthodox ways (see photograph).

Residents also mentioned that deploying shutters is not without risks. Balance can be lost on ladders while handling shutters and lacerations can occur from the metal edges.

Information courtesy of the Protecting People First Initiative.



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