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Information Management

The Information Management Section is responsible for the Division's Geographic Information System (GIS) and maintains the Division’s web-based information platforms. The section additionally performs spatial analyses, develops the state’s cartographical information, creates GIS applications and tools, oversees information and data management activities, administers the Division’s databases, and enhances the capabilities of

During “blue sky” conditions, the section works to foster, enable, assist, and leverage technologies, information, and datasets used by other state agencies and counties to perform their daily activities. During activations of the Emergency Operations Center, the section provides support to the SERT by staffing ESF 5: Information and Planning. In this capacity, the section provides the SERT’s executive leadership the necessary tools and information to make pivotal decisions.

2011 GIS Data Discovery Workshop

The 2011 GIS Data Discovery Workshop was held at the State Emergency Operation Center from 9 AM thru 4 PM on June 29, 2011. The agenda and presentations for the workshop are available.

Deepwater Horizon Response

Deepwater Horizon RespnseGIS Resources for Deepwater Horizon Response

Ongoing Projects

Coastal LiDAR project and Regional Evacuation Studies

Strategic Planning for Statewide GIS Coordination

Florida Implements US National Grid

Florida HAZUS User Group - Linked In and Google Group

Data and Critical Facilities

GATOR    Incident Mapper    KML for Mapping and Visualization

Virtual USA and the efforts of the State Emergency Response Team

Due to recent press releases and forums regarding DHS's Virtual USA information sharing initative, a lot of questions have arisen regarding the efforts of the State Emergency Response Team with this initative.

For more information on the Virtual USA initiative, you may see the following --

Keep the following in mind about what Virtual USA isn’t –

  • Virtual USA is not an application nor a website. A user doesn't go to the Virtual USA website, or open a map using a Virtual USA application.

So then, what is Virtual USA --

  • Virtual USA is an  information sharing initiative – an initiative whereby states and federal partners agree to share information in a geospatial context via the web.
  • This sharing is accomplished via KML network links, REST services, and/or GeoRSS feeds. The exact format of the information being shared is dictated by the visualization and web services tools available by a partner.
  • Also in Florida, we consume our own services and other partners information through both our Geospatial Analysis Tool for Operations and Response (or GATOR) and KML network links. We don’t always have information from the Virtual USA initiative available via GATOR – we would only add a tab for Virtual USA and include partners data when needed due to a specific event or incident.

Florida Fire/EMS GIS Users Group

The GIS team of the Florida Division of Emergency Management were pleased to participate in the inaugural Florida Fire/EMS GIS Users Group meeting presented by the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS and hosted by Orange County GIS at the Orange County EOC. Our presentation GIS Activities of the State Emergency Response Team is now available online.

Other Florida GIS Projects

Florida URISA - The Florida Chapter of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association hosts a website with news feeds, events and workshops, calendar, and web links for Florida GIS professionals. Join the non-profit association, explore their website, and share information for your region.

Environmental Resource Analysis Tools - ERAtools is pair of applications, an ArcMap report-writing extension and a desktop application which is used to create the analysis definition files used by the ArcMap extension. ERAtools was originally an ArcView 3 application started by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). ERAtools for ArcGIS was cooperatively developed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and DEP. ERAtools is currently being implemented by FWC, the Florida Division of Emergency Management, and DEP, among other agencies. ERAtools is now available for both ArcGIS 9.x and 10.x.

County Planning Maps - Florida DOT maintains planning maps by county.

Geospatial Dimensions of Emergency Response - The Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) has created a unique forum to address the application of mapping technologies such as GIS, GPS, and remote sensing to emergency and disaster response.  In response to a perceived  need, GITA held the first ever Geospatial Dimensions of Emergency Response Symposium in Seattle, Washington in March 2008, and repeated symposium in 2009 at their annual conference in Tampa, Florida. GITA also continues to host Geospatially Enabling Community Collaboration (GECCo) workshops in the Tampa Bay area. The focus of GECCo is to help bring organizations involved in emergency/disaster response together to share geospatial information as it relates to all elements of planning, mitigation, response, and recovery. 

Florida GeoSpatial Metadata Index - There is a significant amount of GIS data being gathered in Florida, by various organizations, and it is retained in a host of important service centers. The purpose of this site is help people find what they need and how to access it by serving as a locator and point system to geospatial data in Florida. This regional pilot project is ready to be expanded with your particpation!

Florida Geographic Data Library - The Florida Geographic Data Library (FGDL) is a mechanism for distributing spatial data throughout the state of Florida. The FGDL is warehoused and maintained at the University of Florida's GeoPlan Center, a GIS Research & Teaching Facility.

Florida Aerial Photography Archive Collection - Florida Aerial Photography Archive Collection (APAC) is Florida's largest collection of aerial photography. This collection consist of over 450,000 digital images that date back to 1951 plus over 700,000 aerial photos that can date back to the 1940's. This collection is a primary source of aerial photography and digital imagery for the Florida Department of Transportation, State Agencies and the general public.

GIS Tools and Links

Geospatial Metadata Validation Service - Think your metadata is good? Just how compliant is your FGDC-Compliant metadata. Courtesy of the USGS Geoscience Data Catalog, put your metatdata to the test at their Geospatial Metadata Validation Service.

NSGIC's RAMONA GIS Inventory- RAMONA is produced by the National States' Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) as a tool for states and their partners. Its primary purpose is to track the status of GIS in state and local government to aid the planning and building of Spatial Data Infrastructures. Ramona is designed to work in concert with Geospatial One-Stop. Please visit RAMONA and enter your data for Florida.

FEMA's Express Document Delivery for Disasters - Express Document Delivery for Disasters is an online facility provided by the FEMA Map Service Center to be used for downloading flood maps and related products for federally declared disaster counties. For access to the site during an emergency, please contact Richard Butgereit at 850-413-9907.


Richard Butgereit, GIS Administrator

Steve Levine, GIS Technician

Jason Ray, GIS Technician

Lida Maxwell, Webmaster

Deanna Hohnhorst, GIS Technician

Daniel Mikell, Systems Project Analyst

Lane Cleary, Systems Project Analyst


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