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Rare July Cold Front Will Keep North Central and North Florida Mostly Sunny and a Little Less Humid...Showers and Thunderstorms Expected South of State Route 70...Isolated Showers & Storms Along and to the East of I-95 Corridor...93L Has a 70% Chance of Cyclone Formation in the Next 48 Hours and 5 Days...

Updated 2:25 PM EDT Wednesday

North of the front there is an unseasonably dry air mass. This will greatly hinder any shower and thunderstorm activity this afternoon. Humidity levels will be a bit higher today and therefore the Atlantic Coast sea breeze is forecast to bring isolated showers and storms along and east of the I-95 Corridor this afternoon.

This morning a remnant front was located along the I-4 Corridor and will continue to drift slightly north this afternoon. This will allow precipitation chances to also shift slightly north and keep shower and storm activity lingering until at least midnight. A moist air mass, converging winds near the front, and the east coast sea breeze will lead to another active day of thunderstorms along and south of State Road 70. Locally heavy rainfall and frequent lightning will be the primary impacts from the slow moving thunderstorms. Isolated street flooding will likely occur again today in the heaviest storms.

Today is going to be a hot day statewide. Temperatures will range from the lower to mid-90s with cooler temperatures along the coast and warmer temperatures along the interior. Dry air and light winds across North Florida and North Central Florida will allow temperatures to drop into the upper 60s/lower 70s this evening. The rest of the state will be seeing low temperatures in the upper 70s, with warmer temperatures along the coast.

Light winds today will keep the rip current risk low. Rip currents are possible today and are likely to be weak but may pose a danger to poor swimmers. They are stronger and more frequent in the vicinity of jetties, inlets, and piers. Know how to swim and heed the advice of the beach patrol. For more information about rip current safety, visit here.

A well-defined low pressure system located about 650 miles east of the southern Windward Islands has been producing organized shower and thunderstorm activity. If this activity persists, tropical depression or tropical storm advisories will be initiated. The disturbance continues to move west-northwestward at 15 to 20 mph. Dry air ahead and to the north of the disturbance and moderate levels of wind shear will interfere with the development of this storm throughout the week. A Hurricane Hunter aircraft is scheduled to investigate the system this afternoon. Currently there is a high chance of formation (70%) through the next 48 hours and the next 5 days. The next name on the Atlantic hurricane Season list of names is Bertha. For the latest information, visit here.

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