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Debris & Special Considerations Program

The mission of the Debris & Special Considerations Program (DSCP) is to maintain a cohesive working unit that will be prepared to work in unison to provide coordination and support of recovery efforts (Individual Assistance and Public Assistance) in all aspects of debris management and special considerations. To prepare the Florida counties and cities for catastrophic events through training provided throughout the State in debris, insurance, procurement, environmental, and historic compliance. We conduct training and provide technical assistance with regulatory compliance during all phases of the emergency management process.

The DSCP is staffed by environmental, debris, insurance and planning specialists that are available to any entity dealing with disaster-related issues. Our program experts work closely with FEMA after an event to help affected communities maintain compliance with all environmental, historic, insurance, procurement and debris regulations. The DSCP team also helps applicants with closeout issues concerning environmental, historic, insurance, debris and procurement regulations compliance. The DSCP team coordinates Vector Control efforts during and after an event to maintain compliance with documentation requirements to receive FEMA Public Assistance.

For more information, please see the following pages:

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For further information or questions, please contact the Debris & Special Considerations Program.

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Debris & Special Considerations Program
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