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Debris Management

The Florida Division of Emergency Management provides technical assistance to local governments in the debris management process. This includes debris management planning prior to an event, assistance during debris management operations, and aiding in the closure of Public Assistance grants. Most of the unit’s technical expertise relates to FEMA’s Public Assistance program but the Debris Staff are available to help navigate state and local regulations, even in non-federally declared disasters.

Services provided by the Florida Division of Emergency Management Debris Staff include:

  1. Review of Debris Management Plans and the Debris section of the CEMP.
  1. Provide information regarding the guidelines for debris operations under the Public Assistance Program as well as for other programs.
  1. Assist with potential issues such as environmental compliance, documentation, regulations and special debris types (waterborne, beach, hazardous debris, etc…).
  1. Conduct debris operations training (FL-202 course). For more information see DEM training website.

  2. Debris Monitoring Training.

  3. Conducts FEMA Super Circular (FL-604) Procurement training.

  4. Assists Local Governments in understanding 2 C.F.R. §200.318 – .326 plus Appendix II for Federal Procurement Regulations.

For more information regarding specific debris issues, please see the links below:

Debris Management Planning
FEMA 2013 Public Assistance Alternative Procedures Pilot Program (PAAP)
FEMA RFP Guidance for Disaster Services
FEMA FL-202 Florida Debris Management Training
Moving Ahead for Progress (Map-21) Update
Private Property Debris Removal
Pre-Authorization for Debris Management Sites
Environmental and Historical Considerations
Debris FAQ


For further information or questions, please contact the Debris & Special Considerations Program.

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