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Do it Yourself Tips (Blue Print for Safety®): BluePrint for SafetyTM is an educational program designed to provide accurate, current and reliable information about disaster-safety building techniques and features to help families become better prepared for floods, hurricanes, wildfires and windstorms.

Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH®, Inc.): The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH®, Inc.) offers a wealth of information on how to strengthen your home and protect your family from manmade and natural disasters.

Guidance on Working with Qualified Contractors: Having the right contractor can make all the difference in helping your hurricane retrofit project run smoothly. The My Safe Florida Home program has developed a list of contractors certified to perform retrofits in conjunction with the My Safe Florida Home program. While your retrofit project may not involve the My Safe Florida Home program, using the Contractor Search Tool on the My Safe Florida Home website is a helpful way for you to locate a contractor.

Hurricane Retrofit Guide (HRG): Hurricane Retrofit Guide - If you‚re ready to tackle some hurricane retrofits, the Hurricane Retrofit Guide is a great resource. Even if you plan on getting professional help to strengthen your home, the Hurricane Retrofit Guide will still help you understand the process better. Click here for a helpful tutorial on what to expect with the Hurricane Retrofit Guide.

IBHS Program (Fortiied for Safer Living): The IBHS offers the Fortified for Safer Living® program which specifies construction, design and landscaping guidelines to increase a new home's resistance to natural disaster from the ground up. All regions of the country are exposed to one or more extreme weather events, such as high wind, wildfire, flood, hail and earthquake.

The Fortified for Safer Living® program heralds a new way to build homes in disaster-prone areas, as safety-conscious consumers drive the market for hazard-resistant residences.

Low to Moderate Income Retrofit Project: Low to Moderate Income Program - If you‚re a Florida homeowner with low to moderate income, help is available to strengthen your home.

Mobile Home Tie-Down Program: Mobile Home Tie Down Program - If you live in a mobile home, help is available to make your mobile home more resistant to hurricanes and other wind storms.

My Safe Florida Home Program: My Safe Florida Home Program (MSFH) - The My Safe Florida Home program is Florida‚s newest program to make our state more hurricane resistant. This new program offers free home inspections and up to $5,000 in matching grants for homeowners willing to invest in strengthening their home. Strengthening your home will not only make your home more hurricane resistant, it will also help you qualify for savings on your homeowners wind insurance premium

Protection Begins with a Stronger Roof Over Your Head: Protecting your home with a stronger roof will not only safeguard your home and family, it can also lead to insurance savings.

Rebuilding the Right Way: Hopefully our home will not suffer damage from a hurricane but if you live in Florida, that is always a possibility. If your home does suffer damage in a hurricane, this useful downloadable brochure can help explain why rebuilding using code-approved or code-plus building techniques makes sense. Not only will this give you a stronger home, it may also help you realize savings on your wind insurance premium.

Remodeling the Right Way: Planning to remodel or renovate? There's no bette time to strengthen your home against hurricanes AND save on your homeowners insurance.

Your Neighbors Did It. So Can You!: Floridians who protected their homes from natural disasters fared much better than those who did not in recent hurricane seasons. These success stories profile Floridians who invested in code-approved technologies to protect openings and other components of their home.

Let their success encourage you to strengthen your home against natural disaster now, before it‚s too late.

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