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Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Funding

Application Process & Forms

Ref: 44 CFR 13.24 and 44 CFR 206.432 as amended by the Hazard Mitigation and Relocation Assistance Act of 1993


Federal Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funds made available by a declared disaster can provide up to 75% of the costs of an approved mitigation project. The remaining project costs must be met by the applicant. Generally, other funding sources such as Community Development Block Grant, local and/or state general revenue, and private non-profit funds are used to provide the 25% local/state match, and they may be in form of cash, in-kind resources, or third party in-kind contributions.

In-kind resources are those personnel, materials, equipment and supplies owned, controlled and operated by the applicant. Third party in-kind contributions can be applied toward fulfilling a cost sharing or matching requirement in cases where the payments would have been allowable costs for the approved project, if the applicant were to pay for them. Examples of third party contributions are volunteer services, employee services of other organizations furnished free of charge, donated supplies, and loaned equipment or space. The value placed on these resources must be at their fair market value and be carefully and completely documented.

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funds can not be used as a match, substitute or replacement to fund projects or programs that are available under other federal programs. However, applicants are encouraged to link Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funds with non-duplicative federal funds, and with state, local and private sources.

The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program is not intended to fund projects retroactively. The federal environmental process requires that an environmental analysis be completed prior to the commitment of funds. Therefore, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has adopted a policy against retroactive funding of Hazard Mitigation Grant Program projects.

To aid in the long-term recovery efforts associated with this disaster, a representative from the Office of Long-Term Redevelopment will provide technical assistance on other long-term redevelopment initiatives and funding resources available in the declared areas. This assistance will be provided during the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program applicant briefing by representatives from the Division of Housing and Community Development.

Funding Priorities

The State delegates the local Hazard Mitigation Grant Program project prioritization process to the local government through Rule 27P-22, Florida Administrative Code. This rule requires that Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) Working Groups “set an order of priority for local mitigation projects,” that is, to prioritize and rank locally submitted projects for HMGP funding. Eligible projects for each county included in the relevant Presidential Disaster Declaration will be funded in order of the local priority as listed in the letter accompanying project applications per their respective FEMA-approved and adopted LMS plan until the allocated funds are exhausted, or all eligible projects are funded, whichever comes first. Not every project is eligible for HMGP funding. All projects submitted must meet the minimum eligibility criteria listed below to be considered for funding per 44 CFR §206.434(c):

  • Be in conformance with the State Hazard Mitigation Plan and their respective community’s LMS;
  • Demonstrate cost-effectiveness;
  • Be technically feasible;
  • Provide a beneficial impact upon the declared disaster area;
  • Conform to all application environmental laws, regulations and executive order;
  • Solve a problem independently or constitute a functional portion of a solution;
  • Be in a National Flood Insurance Program participating community in good standing; if the project is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area; and
  • Meet all applicable state and local codes and standards.


Application Process & Forms


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